What is a skibike?
A skibike is a recreational and sports device similar to a bicycle that is replaced by a ski. The special ergonomics of the skibike are designed for easy use of lifts and full control when sliding on the slope.
Is it easy to learn to skibiking?
Yes, because of the high stability and balance as well as the ergonomics of the ski bike, learning and gaining control skills is much easier and faster than alpine skiing and snowboarding. After a few rounds of training, you can easily control the speed of the skibike and turn. Screwing and braking are like skiing and snowboarding. If you can ski, you will easily control the ski bike.
Is skibiking safe?
Yes, the inherent features of the ski bike, including the ability to control sitting or standing, the presence of the steering wheel and the lack of attachment to the rider, has made it possible to safely cross the slopes.
Is skibiking dangerous?
No, it is safer than other winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.
Where can I use a ski bike?
Inside and outside the piste, wherever there is enough snow and a suitable slope, you can enjoy a skibike. Routes marked with red and blue markings on the tracks are appropriate. Green paths can be very smooth and black paths can be narrow, steep and dangerous. In any case, according to your skill level, follow the right path.
How fast is it?
Depending on the type of use, the type of snow and the slope of the track, the speed of the skibike will vary.
Who can use a ski bike?
Anyone who is interested in the excitement and fun of skating on the snow can use a skibike.
Why are skibikes less visible on the slopes and other places?
Despite being 100 years history, the skibike is less than 10 years is used in a modern and professional way on the slopes of the United States and Europe and is considered as a new sport and recreational device. Sordo is proud to produce ski bikes similar to foreign models for the first time in Iran.
Can children use a ski bike?
Sordo skibike is suitable for ages 12 and up. Sordo is designing a skibike suitable for children.
How much does a skibike weigh? Is it difficult to transport?
The skibike weighs only about 12 to 13 kg. Due to the easy detachment of the skis, it is easy to transport.
How to control our speed and brake?
There are several ways to control speed and stop. At low speeds, the skibike stops by pressing and pulling your feet on the snow. Another method is to perform consecutive turns and finally stop in width and perpendicular to the sloope line. A more professional method that requires learning and practice is Parallel or Hockey Stop technique. Just press the edges of the ski into the snow.
What kind of skis are used for this device?

In recent years, with the introduction of a new style of skiing into the sport, skis that were produced and used in the previous style have been discarded over time, despite their efficiency and health.

Due to the efficiency and health of these skis, and after controlling their quality and necessary changes, Sordo has used these skis for ski bikes. This method, in addition to helping to protect the environment and prevent energy waste, also has the necessary efficiency and good performance.

Used skis, like professional and modern skis, have steel edges.

Do you need special shoes or equipment?
No, you do not need special shoes, but it is better to use sneakers that do not slip on the snow. It is recommended to use standard ski or bicycle helmets to maintain safety.
Do we need to put small skis under the shoes?
No, the Sordo skibike is designed to be easily controlled and is not needed.
Is it possible to use a skibike on ski slopes?
Sordo is consulting with the ski slopes to obtain an entry permit and use the piste. We hope that with your support and the cooperation of the track management, we will achieve this as soon as possible. Obviously, as soon as the license is obtained, information will be provided through this site and virtual pages.
Where can I rent a skibike
It is not possible to rent at the moment. An agreement with the ski slopes will be announced on this page as soon as an agreement is reached.
What kind of elevators can be used?
The different types of lifts available in the ski resorts, including cable cars, plate lifts, as well as lift conveyors, can be used easily and according to the ausing instructions of the equipment.
How to use track lifts?
How to use different types of lifts is explained in the product usage manual. Liftings agents will also guide you.
Is it possible to train a ski bike on the slopes?
No now. Learning to ski is very easy. Instructional videos will be posted on this site.
Is skibiking a boring sport and recreation?

Due to the fact that the ski bike can be controlled sitting and the existence of special steering and ergonomics for the ski bike, it is much easier to ski and snowboard. Also, people who are no longer able to ski due to injury will not have any obstacles in using a ski bike. The only damage you will see after a day of using a ski bike is your cheek pain due to smiling!

Is it possible to jump or ski with a ski bike?
Sardo ski bike has a complete suspension system in the front and rear, which makes the impact of jumps and bumps well repelled. Due to the fact that the ski bike can not move backwards, it must move forward after landing. It is important to follow safety tips and ensure your skills in controlling the bike before performing dramatic movements.
What controls are needed before use?
Make sure the shock absorbers are working properly before entering the slope. The steering bolts must be perfectly tight. The skis are properly positioned and secured. Adjust and secure the saddle to the appropriate height.
Can I use professional bike accessories such as forks and handlebars and a more professional saddle on my skibike?
Yes, Sordo skibike with standard dimensions is designed to be able to install all kinds of standard equipment available on it.
How do you guarantee the quality of your ski bike?

Sordo skibike is designed using mechanical engineering knowledge and under the supervision of skiers and has been approved in operational tests by skiers and ski instructors. The body of the bike is made of steel with very precise welding. Sordo ski bike has a complete suspension system.

Sordo is always researching to improve the quality of ski bikes and is always trying to improve and increase the quality and facilities of the bikes.

All ski bikes produced in Sordo are packed and sent after quality control.

How to order? How to pay?

Order registration is currently online and virtually via the site and Instagram.Also you can get your skibike in ski shops and online stores.

Payment for Tehran orders is online, card to card or in cash and on site. It is possible for other cities to pay card to card and online.

What is the shipping method, time and cost?
In case of stock, shipping in Tehran is free and immediate. Sending to other cities by post service is possible at a cost. Sending by post may take several days.
How is a ski bike sent? Does it need assembly?
The ski bike is provided assembled and you only need to put the skis in place.
What accessories come with the product?

Necessary tools include Allen wrench


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