Terms and conditions of Sordo online store

Dear user, please carefully consider the following items for proper use of Sordo store. Logging in to Sordo’s website when using Sordo’s personal profile and store means being aware of and accepting the terms and conditions as well as how to use Sordo services. It should be noted that order registration at any time means full acceptance of all terms and conditions by the user. Also note that the terms and conditions set forth are considered to replace all previous agreements and rules.

۱- Definitions

According to the Electronic Commerce Law, in order to clarify the information and common understanding of the terms used in the above agreements, the definitions of the words in the text of the rules are defined as follows.

۱-۱- Store: Sordo online store as a seller

۲-۱-Website: Sordo online store website at www.sordo.ir/shop-en

۳-۱-Site content: All information including prices, text, photos, videos and technical specifications of products or all articles and news posted on the site and blog

۴-۱-Guest user: Any person who has entered the Minitech site via the Internet is considered a guest user.

۵-۱-Member: Any natural person who can become a member of the site according to the identifiable identity can be considered a member. (Membership of legal entities will be possible only through the membership of an authorized natural representative of a legal entity.)

۶-۱-Customer: The user or member who buys from the site.

۷-۱-Order: goods or goods that the customer selects and by completing the ordering process on the site, announces the intention to purchase them.

۸-۱-Inquiry: Sending an order from the customer to check the availability of the ordered goods at the moment and check the possible price change

۲- Conditions for concluding a sale for purchase from the site

Similar to the physical environment, in the electronic environment, any transaction that takes place indicates the occurrence of a contract. A contract under Article 183 of the Civil Code is that “one or more persons make a commitment to one or more other persons and it is accepted by them”; Accordingly, an online contract is a contract that is concluded through “message data”.

Registration of any order is a knowledge and acceptance of the rules of the site, and therefore the customer is obliged to carefully read these rules before any registration of the order and if he agrees with them, to register his order.

Age of users: To buy from the site, legal age (18 years old) is required, otherwise the purchase from the site must be done by parents or legal guardians. Failure to comply with this will be the responsibility of the customer.

۳- Ways of electronic communication of the site

When you use the services of Sordo, place an online order or purchase, or e-mail Sordo, these communications are made electronically and if your request If you follow all the principles and procedures, you agree that Sordo will respond to your request electronically (via e-mail, SMS service and other electronic services).

Also, the e-mail and telephone addresses that the customer registers in his profile are the only official and approved e-mail and telephone addresses of the customer, and all correspondence and responses of the site are done through them.

In order to inform about special events, services and promotions or promotions, Sordo may send emails or text messages to the members of the website, which will be canceled by sending an off code if they do not wish.

Please note that the only official reference we have approved for communication with you is the official site www.sordo.ir. We will not contact you in any way other than sending a letter from the official and approved addresses on the site. Sordo website does not have any website with an address other than www.sordo.ir and also, no blog and ID in internet chat programs such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger, etc. and will never contact you with these methods. Does not take. Users can only use the addresses listed in the Contact Us section to communicate.

۴- Order registration and purchase steps

۱-۴- Order registration: To register the order, you must proceed from the store section, the product page. After selecting the shipping method, the desired product will be added to the product basket. The product shipping information must then be completed. Then, by selecting the payment method and finalizing the order, your order will be registered.

۲-۴- Dear users and customers are not required to register on the site to view, receive information and even place an order. But Sordo recommends registering, the advantage of which is that in addition to not having to enter your information in future purchases, you can be informed of the latest news and step-by-step discounts and good purchase offers.

By registering this information, users and customers, while ensuring that their information is safe with the site, authorize the site to use this information to communicate.

۳-۴- When registering the order, customers must enter their information accurately in the order form, otherwise they are responsible for any problems and possible losses. Therefore, entering the address, e-mail and mobile and landline numbers by the customer, confirms their accuracy, and if these items are not entered correctly or completely, Sordo can from the customer, to ensure the accuracy and certainty of order registration, Request additional information. Customers can also enter the name, address and phone number of another person to receive the order, and if the order amount is prepaid, the recipient of the order must provide a valid ID card upon receipt of the goods. The address that the buyer registers or selects as the address of the consignee will also be included in the invoice.

۴-۴- Working day means Saturday to Thursday of each week, with the exception of public holidays in Iran, and all registered orders are checked during working days and the first day after the holidays and the inventory is announced. It should be noted that it is also possible to register an order in Sordo during all days of the year, including official holidays.

۵-۴- All orders registered on Sordo site are processed by sending the order code and system pre-invoice via email. We are proud of your purchase from Sordo, and the Sordo team will do its best to deliver the purchased goods to the customers, but only if the inventory of goods in Sordo ends even after the customer orders. Sordo reserves the right to cancel that order or refund the order.

۶-۴- In case of any problem, such as running out of stock, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account within 24 to 48 working hours (announced by the customer via email or other means of communication and only in writing).

۷-۴- In the event of any error in the entry of the price and value of the goods available on the Sordo site, Sordo reserves the right to invalidate the order and purchase made by the customer. Obviously, Sordo will deposit and return the received money to the payer as soon as possible within 24 to 48 working hours to the account announced by the customer (announced by the customer via email or other means of communication and only written notice) and the customer will buy Sordo site is aware of this and all the rules and will not make any claims in this regard.

۸-۴- Due to the registration system of the order, there is no possibility of re-issuing the invoice or changing its specifications, including changing the invoice issued in the name of a natural person, in the name of another natural person.

۹-۴- Since Sordo is an online retail website, ordering a large number of goods is contrary to the buyer’s purpose of consumption. If this is registered or orders with a large number of items, Sordo is allowed in advance. After sending the customer order, first check and if approved, the possibility of selling the goods will be announced. In these cases, payment and settlement are required before sending the goods; Otherwise, the orders will be canceled with the coordination of the customer and in case of deposit, the paid amount will be returned to the customer’s account within 24 to 48 working hours.

۱۰-۴- It should be noted that adding goods to the shopping cart does not mean reserving goods and does not create any rights for customers. Also, before the final registration, any changes, including changes in inventory or price, will be applied to the goods added to the cart. Therefore, customers who have a definite desire and decision to buy, especially for goods at the time of special sale or festival, which have a limited number, it is recommended to finalize their order as soon as possible so as not to run out of stock or change the price of goods. It is worth mentioning that the order is finalized only when users receive the order code and invoice for completing their order via email, and it is obvious that Sordo has no responsibility for the goods left in the shopping cart or the ordering process is not completed and the money is not completed. does not have.

۵- Payment methods

۱-۵- Customers living in Tehran can pay for their order online or pay on the spot (by bank card and through a POS machine).

۲-۵- Customers living in other cities are required to pay the entire amount of their order online so that the goods can be bill of lading and sent in their name. Of course, the bill of lading number will be provided to the customer for further follow-up.

۶- Methods of sending the order

۱-۶- Orders in Tehran are sent only by Sordo courier.

۲-۶- In the cities adjacent to Tehran, in addition to Sordo couriers, orders are sent by the shipping companies of the contracting party.

۳-۶- In other provinces except Tehran, orders are sent through the Post Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

۴-۶- Customers can choose one of the possible shipping methods in the order registration and inquiry stage. Choosing any method means being aware of its rules and conditions.

۵-۶- In cases where delivery is selected by the postal or freight company, the store is responsible for delivering the order correctly and safely and in the minimum period of time to the postal company and sending the tracking code to the customer. In these cases, according to Articles 386 and 387 of the Commercial Code, all problems resulting from the transportation of goods are the responsibility of the transport operator and the store is not responsible for delays in delivery or possible problems, and in case of problems should contact the cold immediately Problems should be announced and in coordination with the store, the damage report should be done with the company in charge of transporting the cargo. Sordo always does its best to make sure that all orders reach its customers all over the country without any damage.

۷- Shipping cost

۱-۷- After the inventory inquiry and announcement of the availability of the requested goods, the cost of sending to the customer via email or SMS or other electronic means of communication will be announced and confirmed. Tehran orders are sent for free and city orders include postage, which the customer must specify when ordering to add the postage to the amount of goods. Obviously, in case of discrepancy between the shipping address and shipping method, the order will be deleted and the customer will be notified.

۲-۷- According to the rules of the site, sending the goods will not be possible until the ordering process is completed.

۸- Delivery of order

۱-۸- Delivery time in Tehran is less than 24 hours.

۲-۸- Orders sent in Tehran due to unpredictability of issues such as traffic or unexpected events, will be delivered within a period of 2 to 3 hours that will be coordinated with customers, and esteemed customers need to be within a period of time Specified to be present at the place of delivery of the goods, otherwise the responsibility and cost of resending is the responsibility of the customer.

۳-۸-Orders sent by post: Orders that are to be sent by post or freight, if finalized before 12 o’clock, will be delivered on the same day by post or freight, but if after this hour Finalized, will be delivered the next business day. Depending on the destination of the goods, the postal and freight company will usually deliver the goods to the destination within 24 to 48 working hours.

۴-۸- Dear customers are obliged to match the specifications of the ordered goods with the delivered goods when receiving the order and before opening the package, and to refuse to receive it in case of discrepancies.

۵-۸- Dear customers, when receiving the order, they are obliged to deliver their ordered goods in appearance (appearance delivery means that the goods are checked from all aspects and if it does not have any appearance defects, it should be delivered). Once the goods are delivered in appearance, the store will no longer be responsible for problems and defects in the appearance of the goods.

۶-۸- If the packaging of the goods has an apparent problem or defect and shows signs of damage or possible problems, the customer should refuse to take it and while preparing the minutes, immediately inform the head of the matter.

۷-۸- At the time of sending the goods by the postal company, esteemed customers are obliged to ensure the health of the packaging and the physical health of the goods in the presence of the postman and before signing the delivery receipt, and if the goods are in terms of packaging or physical health. If there is a problem, while not receiving it and requesting the minutes, immediately inform the store about the matter. In these cases, if the customer signs the postal or freight receipt (as a receipt of the goods correctly and safely) without checking the physical health, he will no longer have the right to object to the physical health of the goods, because the customer has personally confirmed that the goods Received correctly and safely, there is no possibility of any follow-up to receive compensation by the customer. In addition, in these cases, Article 6 of these laws will be followed.

۸-۸- According to the instructions of FATA police, when delivering orders that are paid online, it is mandatory to present a national card according to the name of the person ordering. If the person who ordered the goods and paid for them online, wants the goods to be delivered to another person, he must announce the name of the person receiving the goods to the store through a panel, email or SMS, otherwise the goods store Do not deliver and in these cases the cost of resending will be borne by the customer.

۹-۸- According to the rules of the store, in the orders whose payment is specified on the spot, before the delivery of the goods, it is first necessary to settle the invoice amount and then the goods are delivered. After settling the invoice, the customer will have the opportunity in the presence of the store representative to check his goods in terms of physical health and then sign the receipt of the goods; After appearance delivery, esteemed customers will have up to 7 days to inspect the product technically. In case of any technical problems and approval of the relevant after-sales service experts, according to the Electronic Commerce Law, the goods subject to the 7-day Golden Guarantee Law will be replaced.

۱۰-۸- In order to protect consumer rights and e-commerce laws, all products must reach the consumer physically healthy. After delivery, according to Article 8-8 of these rules, the customer will be able to return the goods within 7 days according to the following conditions:

۱۰-۸-۱ The purchased product has not been taken out of the original packaging and seal and this should be approved by the store experts.

۱۰-۸-۲ The carton and packaging of the goods must be completely healthy and without tearing or damage. Labeling or writing the description, address or any other item on the original carton or box will not make it possible to use this guarantee.

۱۰-۸-۳ In these circumstances, the goods will be credited to the customer’s account within 48 working hours after the approval of the store experts.

۱۰-۸-۴ In these cases, the cost of sending and returning the goods (round trip cost) is the responsibility of the customer.

۱۰-۸-۵ The possibility of returning goods whose price is subject to market fluctuations, up to 24 hours after completing the order.

۱۱-۸- Also, the photos of the products are for informing and helping the customer to buy, and since they may differ from the main product in some details, no discrepancies can be declared based on them. The criterion for any discrepancy in the specifications of the product is the technical specifications posted on the website.

۱۲-۸- It is necessary to note that the defects announced by the customer will be controlled and checked by experts and if the existence of a technical defect is confirmed, the product will be subject to Article 8-14. Technical defects caused by improper use of the product by the user are not included in this article.

۱۳-۸- In case of any technical problems and approval of the relevant after-sales service experts, according to the Electronic Commerce Law, the goods are subject to the 7-day law guaranteeing the replacement of defective goods.

۱۴-۸- Physical damages caused by transportation do not include the use of this service and will be decided in accordance with the relevant conditions set forth in these laws.

۱۵-۸- To use the services of Article 8-14 (7-day exchange guarantee), make sure that the goods are well packed, the accessories and the invoice are sent with it in full. If the returned product is not received by Sordo in its original condition, service is not possible and the product is considered out of exchange conditions. Also, if the inventory of damaged goods in Sordo is exhausted and Sordo is not able to replace the damaged goods with replacement goods, he can return the amount of goods to the buyer’s account and price fluctuations will not reduce or increase this amount. Be.

۱۶-۸- Due to the issues and problems that have occurred and in coordination with the FATA police and law enforcement, the delivery of all orders will be at the entrance of the building, except in cases where esteemed customers request the transportation of floors and costs when registering the order. Accept it.

۹- The possibility of discussion and exchange of views on the site

۱-۹- The site provides the opportunity to discuss and exchange views with other users, submit comments, suggestions and questions. In this regard, users are obliged to refrain from posting any content that is contrary to legal and moral principles, defamatory, threatening the privacy of individuals or intellectual property rights and any other inappropriate content, otherwise all responsibility and legal consequences are on them. is.

۲-۹- The store has full authority in publishing or not publishing users’ comments.

۳-۹- If the user does not pay enough attention to the observance and rules of the store in posting comments, the store is allowed to prevent the user from re-accessing the site and, if necessary, to prosecute him.

۴-۹- Note, do not record the issues that you are not sure about in the comments at all; Also, do not republish rumors or unreliable information about separate products.

۱۰- Site content and product specifications

۱-۱۰- Sordo makes every effort and accuracy in order to present and produce content from original sources and references as well as product manufacturing companies. It should be noted that Sordo does not guarantee that product descriptions or other content on the site will be error free. If the product provided by Sordo has any discrepancy with the information posted on the site, the only solution is to return the product before use and in the original conditions in accordance with Article 8-10.

۲-۱۰- Sordo website does not accept any responsibility in connection with the removal of pages from its site or dead links. The services of the site are provided as is and Sordo site is not responsible under any circumstances for delays or non-functioning of the site which may be due to natural factors, manpower, internet problems, breakdown of computer equipment, telecommunications, etc.

۱۱- Responsibilities of the site and users

۱۱-۱۱- Any unconventional, unauthorized and illegal use of the site by users that leads to damage, breakdown, loss or change of information, disclosure of users’ personal information and other possible damages, legal prosecution Will have.

۲-۱۱- Users are obliged to protect their personal user information and are responsible for exchanging any information that is done through their user ID and password.

۳-۱۱- The store will not be responsible for the disclosure of user information due to malfunction or virus of his computer system.

۱۲٫ The right to material and intellectual property

۱۲-۱۲- All content of the site belongs to Sordo store only and any copying and personal or commercial use of it without obtaining written permission from Sordo store will result in unauthorized and legal prosecution.

۱۳٫ Store options

۱-۱۳- The store always considers itself authorized to make arbitrary changes to the site, including technical and appearance changes, change of services and how to provide it, change of content and information of the site, change of policies, rights and rules of action. N.

The store has the right at any time to stop providing services to customers and communicating with them in accordance with its interests and to change or delete all its content or services.

۱۴٫ Special conditions

۱-۱۴- Considering that the above rules are the general rules of the store and may not be included in some goods in special cases, the explanations included in the invoice and the delivery receipt, which is signed by the customer, will have priority and criteria. .

۱۵- Granting representation

۱-۱۵- No company, institution or economic enterprise has the right to use the title of Sordo to sell products. If you see any such violations, please inform Sordo Public Relations for legal action.

۱۶- Force majeure cases

۱-۱۶- All the conditions and laws mentioned are applicable in normal conditions and in case of any force majeure, Sordo has no responsibility for the mentioned laws.

۲-۱۶- Sordo considers itself obliged to respect the privacy of its users. If you observe any violations, please let us know through the mentioned communication channels.

۱۷٫ Receive your personal information

۱-۱۷- “Sordo store site” receives information that when sending an order to buy goods, based on which the order can be delivered as soon as possible. Sordo Store Site also collects statistical information related to your computer hardware and software and is automatically recorded by Sordo Store Site. This information can include IP address, browser type, domain name and site access time. This information is used by “Sordo Store Site” to perform better operations, maintain the quality of services and provide statistical information.

۱۸٫ Uses of your personal information

۱-۱۸- “Sordo Store Website” uses your personal information to operate the website and provide the services you have requested. Sordo Store Site may also contact you through surveys to inquire about current services or the possibility of offering new services.

۲-۱۸- “Sordo Store Site” does not sell the list of its customers or members to third parties and may occasionally contact you on behalf of its business partners to inform you about offers that you may be interested in. In this case, your unique information such as name, phone, address, Email and نمی will not be disclosed to third parties.

۳-۱۸ “Sordo Store Site” tracks the pages that site visitors visit to determine which services are the most popular. This information is used in on-site advertising content or better performance of services.

۱۹٫ Terms of cookies

۱-۱- “Sordo Store Site” uses cookies to help you personalize your website usage and improve services. A cookie is a text file containing a series of data that is placed on your computer by a web page. Cookies cannot be used to run a program or infect a computer. Cookies are uniquely assigned to you and can only be read by the website that provided you with the cookie.

۲-۱۹- One of the main purposes of cookies is to provide a special opportunity for you to save time. The cookie is required to notify the Web Server of your re-visit of a particular page. For example, if you use the possibility of personalizing the pages of the “Sordo Store Site” or registering as a member of the site or its services, a cookie can help you in future visits without specific information about you without They need to be available every time you enter them. This simplifies duplicate information entry processes such as user ID. When you return to the “Sordo Store Site”, the information you have already entered is available and you can easily take advantage of the personalized features of the Website Services.

۳٫۱۹ You have the ability to accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but it is usually possible that you will not accept cookies by changing your browser default settings. In this case, you may not be able to take advantage of all the dynamic features and capabilities of the services of “Sordo Store Site” and other sites. We recommend that you do not disable cookies on your computer and browser in order to take full advantage of them and avoid future problems or problems that are unpredictable.

۴-۱۹- In many parts of the store, Java technology is used, which is enabled by default on all browsers. If for any reason our website is not able to communicate using this technology on your computer and browser, a clear message will be displayed at the top of the website. In the event of any disruption in the service to the user due to a problem or defect in this technology on the browser or the user’s computer, the site of Sordo Store does not accept any responsibility in this regard.

The rules of the store consist of 19 articles and the customer, with the knowledge and awareness of all the rules, registers the order and purchase, and therefore any claim about not knowing the rules has no legal validity and the store is not responsible for them.

The contents of this page are subject to change at any time, and the “copyright holder of the Sordo site” reserves the right to update, update or change the content of this page without prior notice and coordination. Users are required to visit this page periodically or before making a purchase to be aware of possible changes in the rules.

More questions

If you wish, you can ask us your questions about your privacy policy at any time and we will answer them. Please send your questions in one of the ways mentioned in the contact us section.

Sordo Store Site welcomes any comments you may have on our privacy policy. If you believe that Sordo Store Site has not adhered to this policy, please contact us by email. We will do our best to eliminate ambiguities and shortcomings or solve problems as much as we can.

The site of Sordo store considers itself obliged to respect the privacy of its users. If you see any violations, please share them with us through the communication channels mentioned in the contact us page.

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